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Weaverville Chiropractor Dr. Chris Thompson, DC delivers high quality, holistic family chiropractic treatment. Dr. Thompson delivers a wide range of chiropractic services, from traditional chiropractic care to Graston myofascial release, physical therapy active rehabilitation techniques, and nutritional consultations.  We do not accept nor file insurance assignment at this time.

More than just a Neck and Back Chiropractor

A Weaverville resident for 19 years, local chiropractor Dr. Chris Thompson goes beyond traditional back pain chiropractic, delivering relief from sciatica, headaches, neck and arm pain, shoulder problems (such as rotator cuff injuries), plantar fasciitis, and more, without need for surgery or drugs.

Dr. Thompson says the main goals of his chiropractic office are “to reduce pain, increase range of motion, improve people’s ability to function in their environment, alleviate muscle spasms, and give patients a better understanding of their physiology.”

 Applying myofascial release technique to the right forearm.

Applying myofascial release technique to the right forearm.

With Asheville just a stone’s throw away, Holistic Chiropractor Dr. Chris Thompson is a great choice for Asheville chiropractic treatment. For anyone looking for a nearby chiropractic office, Dr. Thompson delivers the best in local chiropractic services.

Weaverville Chiropractor’s ideal patients

Dr. Thompson says his ideal patients are “weekend warriors, moms that need to stop hurting, dads that need to stay on the job, and anyone who requires a holistic family chiropractic center.”

 Cervical spine x-ray with lower neck pain and headaches.

Cervical spine x-ray with lower neck pain and headaches.

Your first visit with the Weaverville Chiropractor

On your first visit we take a history to find out nature of your problem. We need to know what you have and have not done to get it resolved.

The first visit includes the following:

Discussion of your health history

Physical examination: Range of motion, followed by neurological, sensory, and motor tests, followed by specific orthopedic tests.

X-rays: may or may not be required. When X-rays are deemed necessary, we will refer you Mission Imaging or the imaging center of your choice.

Review of exam findings:  This is when we discuss “what’s going on” and answer a lot of questions.

Once all the questions have been answered and consent is given to proceed, then we start with treatment:  Treatment could be physical therapy, active rehabilitation techniques, myofascial release treatment,

and/or a Chiropractic adjustment. Our aim is to help you feel better with a “hands on” approach to healing.



How long will it take?

Many people think or want Chiropractic to be a single visit for all pain to be gone. This is unrealistic, especially when your condition has been going on for months or even years.  It is nice when it happens, but do not plan on it. Most people that come to the chiropractor have visited up to three other doctors and taken multiple medications without relief. 

Chiropractic care is based on frequent sequential visits over time. Well then, how long? That depends on your problem and how your body heals. Everybody is unique and circumstances are all different. But together we can work through it. Chiropractic care is a team approach in which you play an important role in your own healing process.


So have you wondered, “How do I find a chiropractor in my area?” If you are in Weaverville, Woodfin, or North Asheville, Marshall, Mars Hill, look no further than Weaverville Chiropractor Dr. Chris Thompson, DC.


Call today and let’s begin the healing process. We are here to help you.